Case Study

Audio Impact Studios


Beats. Bars. Brilliance. This was the daily soundtrack at Audio Impact Studios, an audio recording, editing, and mastering studio that had been setting the rhythm of the industry for over 15 years.

Their secret weapon? Good ol’ word of mouth and personal networking. However, the pandemic hit and threw them off tempo. Their in-person clientele dwindled, and the digital recording landscape started spinning a whole new track. DIY home recordings were becoming all the rage, and their Google Ads were crooning a lackluster melody without a strategy to back them up.

Time for us to step in and remix their digital tune.

Audio Impact Studios


Audio Recording, Editing, and Mastering


Social Media Ads, Google Ads, PPC Management


Audio Impact Studios found themselves in a pickle. They had to compete with an influx of home recording enthusiasts who were cranking up the volume in the digital world. Their google ads were like a song played on an out-of-tune guitar – they lacked strategy and results. And with the pandemic causing their built-in clientele to fade away like the end of a soft ballad, it was clear they needed a new tune.


We set the stage for a comeback. We launched geo-targeted Facebook ads that focused on the local maestro’s who would benefit from a professional recording studio’s superior acoustics and equipment. Furthermore, we transformed their Google Ads into Local Service Ads, turning the spotlight on their locality. We took their ad campaigns, tuned them up, and gave them a fresh riff that showcased the advantages of a professional studio over a bedroom recording setup.

And just like a memorable chorus that comes back around, we implemented retargeting campaigns two months later. Drawing insights from key event data, we dialed into prospective clients with the precision of a metronome.



Increase In Local Clients


Increase In Online Engagement


Increase In Revenue

Hold on to your drumsticks, because these results will make your head bang. Audio Impact Studios saw an 88% increase in local clients – the equivalent of an encore at a sold-out gig. Their online engagement hit a high note with a 162% increase, and their Year-Over-Year revenue rocked a powerful 108% increase.

Audio Impact Studios’ journey from fading background music to chart-topping hit underscores the importance of a tailored, focused digital strategy. They proved that even in an industry undergoing major shifts, with the right notes (aka strategy) and a little bit of rhythm (that’s us!), you can still get the crowd on their feet. After all, in the symphony of digital marketing, we made sure Audio Impact Studios hit all the right notes.

And that’s how you tune an out-of-key digital strategy into a harmonious marketing melody.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Countdown different from other agencies?

After spending a combined 30 years in the industry, many of which involved in agency work, we can confidently say we have a much different approach.  Often times a business can feel lost in the shuffle working with multiple departments in an agency.  Our founders are experts in their fields, and are hands-on in ever project.  From our initial meeting, to the happy dance at the end of a successful campaign, we become part of your team.

Do you work with small ad budgets?

Of course!  But keep in mind, if we feel your ad budget is not going to be sufficient to meet your goals, we’ll tell you.  Unlike most agencies, we don’t charge a percentage of your ad spend, we charge a flat rate.

Do you provide creative and copy or do we?

It depends on the level of service you need.  If you have in-house teams and are simply looking for strategy and management of your ad or email platforms, we can do that.  If you don’t, we can handle everything for you.  Our designers and writers are veterans of the industry, and provide creative that not only converts, but creates lasting customers.

Will I still have access to all my accounts?

Certainly.  In fact, you own them whether you come to us with them or we create them for you.  If we choose to work together, you would grant us access to your accounts, but always maintain control and ownership.

How long until we see results?

Typically, about 90 days.  But it completely depends on your needs and goals.  An established company with a web presence can hit the ground running with our ad and email strategies.  A company building their web presence will take longer.

Either way, we suggest 90 days to allow the marketing strategies to run their full lifecycle.

How does your pricing work?

As simply as possible.  We charge a fixed monthly rate that is tiered based on the amount of ads you’re running, or the amount of emails that will be sent on a monthly basis.  Our tiers begin at $1,200 per month.

We also offer à la carte services as needed, and pricing for those is based on time and effort determined in our meetings.

Do we have to sign a long-term contract?

Because we offer a 1:1 service, we only take on a small amount of new clients every quarter, and you will never sign a long-term contract with us.  Our goal is to form meaningful relationships with you through results, not contracts.  That’s why many of our clients have been with us for such a long time by choice.

Do you provide reports?

Absolutely.  You will have full access to your analytics and metrics through a custom, robust dashboard.  Some will make sense, others may not, which is why in addition to reporting, we meet with every client on a bi-weekly basis minimum.

Communication is key when running successful campaigns, and that includes reporting your results to you during our meetings in an easy to digest way.

We Don’t Settle For Mediocre Results, And Neither Should You.

Let’s face it, real digital marketing isn’t tossing up some ads and spamming email accounts.  It’s about strategy, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and wants.

Whether you need us to take over your existing digital marketing efforts, or you’re starting from scratch, let’s start the conversation.

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